Sustainable Wellness in a Corporate Environment

We help companies create sustainable wellness in the lives of their employees so that each day your company will prove that good health indeed creates great wealth!

About the Program

Companies and organizations do better when they have alignment. So do your employees.

Developing and integrating personal wellness and sustainability can generate organizational wellness and increase productivity. Now, we have created a template for bringing personal and physical alignment to you and your coworkers. We are very excited to make it available to every company that aspires to go beyond mediocrity and simply maintaining the status quo.

This program creates a significant and positive impact on the lives of your employees and provides them with a personal wellness agenda. Once in place, our program helps bring the highest degree of enthusiasm into the workplace. Their improvement becomes measurable, showing up as greater productivity, engagement, and better ability to take on new challenges with relative ease.

How the Program Works

First, we observe your staff in action in the workplace environment and during decision making meetings or presentations. What we often see is that commonly, at the beginning of a presentation or meeting and increasingly throughout, almost everyone is shifting in their seats to find a comfortable position. This is such a challenging dilemma for everyone because we all know that it just hurts to sit so long! We also realize that being uncomfortable affects our ability to receive what we’re hearing or to engage in the discussion and decision making.

Then, we fix it so your employees can bring their best. We provide you with recommendations that can be easily implemented immediately without added expense and can begin to create wellness templates for everyone.

We offer simple effective ideas and options that offer immediate postural correction and increased energy for all your employees.

Dynamic Movement Solutions

Shifting Stances teaches simple strategies that bring the personal wellness component to your company’s commitment to the health, happiness, and productivity of your employees. There are several ways to engage through specific somatic possibilities, all with the goal of creating “dynamic movement solutions” that are both general and work for all employees, or that are tailored to each individual’s personal needs.

The Best Possible Future

We have short term solutions that can be quickly and easily implemented with little expense, and more comprehensive programs that take more time to integrate into your workplace and involve more extensive observation and employee engagement.

Someone said to me recently that “you can’t just dip your toe into sustainability, it becomes all-consuming.” I find this to be true and hope that this new version of alignment from the inside out, beginning with our bodies, helps to seed our energetic gardens with strength, wellness, compassion, commitment, joy and hope for the best possible future that achieving all of our visions can bring to the planet.

When we feel good on the inside, miracles happen!
And so does success!


The American Chiropractic Association states that “back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work and the second more common reason for visits to the doctors office… most causes are mechanical… not caused by inflammatory arthritis, infection, fracture, or cancer. Americans spend over $50 billion dollars each year on back pain alone. PLUS, sitting for long periods of time is not healthy! People who have long bouts of sedentary behavior are at an increased risk of dying regardless of whether or not they exercise.

According to the 02/07/2019 Wall Street Journal Report the figures are even more sobering with:

  • 80% of adults experiencing lower back pain at some point in their lives (31 million at any given time
  • 39 million experiencing migraines
  • 14% neck pain
  • 45% associated knee problems
  • 9% chronic shoulder pain
  • 77% ongoing foot pain
  • 10 million people with chronic widespread body pain

Shifting Stances has evolved over 20 years of working with people in chronic pain who have all found instant relief when integrating these dynamic movement and wellness solutions into their lives. We asked ourselves if this practice could successfully integrate into the workplace environment and the answer is YES!

Pain-free employees are inspired employees and inspiration is the well that allows for the fountain of youth to brew inside of us all.

Aside from the physical discomforts created by poor posture, there is a breakdown in breathing efficiency, increase in digestive discomforts and effects of the “fight or flight” response that this posture has on the body whether stressed or calm. They include cortisol overload which causes adrenal stress and necessitates excess calcium in order to stabilize the nervous system and heart function. This calcium is leeched from the bones which contributes to a decrease in the bone material density and osteoporosis in some individuals which ultimately can lead to fractures.

Physical and energetic blockages caused by misalignment in the body create a “traffic jam” of sorts which when eliminated allow for increased range of motion and flexibility, fullness of breath, stimulation of new ideas, joy of movement, improvements in productivity, activities of daily living and infinite optimal wellness opportunities.

Penelope Shure of Shifting Stances

Penelope Shure

Penelope Shure, owner of Pilates for Everybody in Lenox, MA & Albany, NY brings over 50 years of dance training and somatic awareness to Shifting Stances.

Her enthusiasm, “sparkle” and compassion as she teaches groups of all sizes is evident to all. She presents in ways that are easy to understand and easy to implement whatever your needs may require.

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